At Direct Air, alongside our key suppliers, we are making the necessary adjustments to continue conducting business activities with minimum interruptions while taking the measures to protect public health and follow governmental guidelines.

Please stay assured that we can meet our commitments to you while addressing any concerns you may have at this time.

We are still operating and at your service to supply parts, compressed air system maintenance and advise.

However, we want to prepare you for any instances where you may have to reduce or stop production. Switching off your compressor isn’t just as simple as turning it off and on again, you need to follow a certain procedure.

We are here to assist you with technical advice on how to safely shutdown your equipment to avoid future problems and protect your warranty.

Read over the following dos and don’ts created by leading manufacturer, CompAir, to prepare you for any COVID-19 related downtime.


Taking your compressed air equipment out of service

Bring any alternative equipment online firstDo not press the emergency stop button to shut down any equipment
Shut down all equipment using the stop buttonDo not leave any water supply on to any equipment
Open any manual condensate drainsDo not rely on non-return valves to isolate from any pressurised systems
Isolate from air mains
Isolate from any water supplies
Ensure any receiver tanks are drained
Ensure lock off and tag procedure is used
Ensure all internal air pressure is vented
Ensure to comply with long term storage guidelines if the shutdown period is over 1 month

Putting your compressed air equipment back into service

Restore power to the equipmentDo not try to start equipment with isolations in place
Remove any isolations that were placed and close and manual condensate drainsDo not start equipment without water supply fully functioning
Ensure all ancillary equipment such as water pumps is workingDo not rely on non-return valves to isolate from any pressurised systems
On oil free screw machines check for free rotation by hand before attempting to start
Follow all guidelines for start-up in the user manual
Check all temperatures and pressures
Ensure any service due is done ASAP

If you need any assistance at all with your compressed air system during this uncertain time, please contact us today.

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