Heat Recovery

Approximately 10% of all electricity used in industry is accounted for by compressed air systems. Did you know over 90% of the electrical input to a compressor is lost as heat?

That means up to 94% of the energy supplied to the compressor can be recovered. It’s time to take advantage of this converted heat energy and save thousands of pounds every year!

The heat generated during compression is paid for as part of the process, then paid for again during removal by way of cooling fans. Instead of simply removing the heat, it can be used to generate hot water, heating systems and application processes in other areas of the installation.

Heat recovery options


Heat recovery systems are perfect for augmenting your facility’s heating system.

By utilising the heat energy from your compressor(s) that would otherwise go to waste, you can keep your premises warm, reduce your heating bill and cut back on your company’s carbon emissions.

Hot Air Heating

The compressor’s heated cooling air be utilised to increase the ambient temperature of rooms instead of being dissipated into the atmosphere. By ducting the air to somewhere where it would be more useful, you can increase the ambient temperature of those rooms and save on their heating costs.

Process Requirements

Heat recovery systems can also be used to pre-heat the water supplying your process application requirements, for example, steam generation. Anywhere hot water is required, supplying pre-heated water makes the process more cost efficient.

Hot Water

Heat recovery systems can provide up to 72% of the energy required to heat your hot water system.

Will this work on my compressor?

Installing a heat recovery system is simple to do. It works on any make of compressor and can be achieved at initial installation or as a retrofit.

Following a full analysis of your systems energy and air usage, we will suggest potential ways to generate energy savings via various methods dependent upon your site’s specific needs.

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