About BOGE

Direct Air and Pipework are distributers of BOGE’s compressors, which offer maximum reliability, highly efficient operation and easy maintenance.

Whether with oil-injection cooling or oil-free air compressors, frequency-controlled, belt-driven or directly coupled – these sturdy machines form the backbone of industry.

BOGE has over 100 years of experience in the compressed air industry, as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers.

BOGE manufactures a complete range of lubricated and oil free screw compressors from 2.2 to 355 kW, which are used by all sectors and sizes of industrial requirements.


BOGE compressor ranges

C Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors

The BOGE C series is a trendsetter where less is more; less noise, less pipework and less connections in contrast to more output, in order to achieve more individual configuration possibilities and more efficiency.

S Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors

With BOGE’s new air end effilence and the improved oil separation system, the optimised S series operates more efficiently than ever before. The specially designed fan unit and half-speed operation, results in minimised sound pressure level.

BOGE Ecoline Compressor Range

The Ecoline has been launched by BOGE as an economy range of screw compressors, providing solutions for an even wider customer range. The products in this range deliver high operating hours, whilst keeping the servicing costs low and of course offering a 24-month warranty which is extendable up to 5 years.

BOGE Energy Saving Variable Speed Control

The SF and SLF ranges of variable speed air compressors work strictly in accordance with the systems air demand by producing the exact volume of compressed air at the precise pressure required. The SF and SLF variable speed compressors reduce idling time to the absolute minimum and even out air demand fluctuations, therefore providing opportunity to reduce energy costs considerably.

BOGE Scroll Compressors

BOGE EO compressors consist of one or more scroll compressors; each operates with two compressor screws, with one being stationary while the other rotates eccentrically. Although the two spirals intermesh, they do not touch each other. The air taken in is continuously forced into an increasingly confined space, so producing pulsation-free compressed air which is absolutely free of oil.

Efficiency is further improved with a two-stage aftercooler. Up to four compressors can be installed in one housing if high free air delivery rates are required. The design of the scroll compressor comes into its own here, with whisper-quiet operation and ultra-low vibration levels. Perfect for example in laboratories or hospitals.

'Bestcair' Five-Year Warranty

BOGE ‘Bestcair’ Five-Year Warranty is available on all new BOGE Rotary Screw Compressors comprehensive parts & labour warranty means that any part that fails during the 1st five years of operation is supplied free of charge (subject to Terms and Conditions).

With BOGE ‘Bestcair’ Five-Year Warranty, you can benefit from affordable service provided by BOGE certified technicians as well as from the exclusive use of BOGE spare parts.


We offer complete compressed air solutions including design, installation, servicing & WSE inspections.


We consider your entire compressed air system from the compressor to downstream equipment & pipework.

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Whatever the industry and whatever the application, there's a growing demand for higher-quality compressed air.