As authorised distributers of BEKO Technologies, we have access to efficient components and systems for compressed air processing and condensate technology. BEKO Technologies products are developed and manufactured to optimise compressed air to the highest quality.

Condensate Technology

The founder of BEKO developed the first electronically control condensate drain and their expertise has developed since day one. The removal of condensate is one of the key purposes of compressed air treatment – and the millions of BEKOMAT® condensate drains in operation worldwide demonstrates how we partner with the experts.

The effective removal of condensate is just the first step, with the ÖWAMAT® oil-water separation systems and the BEKOSPLIT® splitting plants offering solutions for environmentally friendly disposal of dispersed and emulsified condensates.

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To combat contamination of the compressed air system, reliable filtration is vital to the reliability of the air quality. The BEKO filter range CLEARPOINT® can fulfil every requirement with threaded, flange, high-pressure, sterile, steam and activated carbon varieties available.

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Compressed air drying contributes to an increase in process reliability, as moisture in a compressed air system can cause corrosion and promote the growth of micro-organisms.

BEKO Technologies offer the DRYPOINT® and EVERDRY® compressed air dryers to meet different requirements with refrigerant, membrane, desiccant and absorption technology.

The wide range of solutions enable us to cater for all air quality classes and degrees of dryness, and to help you achieve pressure dew points between +3 and -70 °C.

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If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve on it; the METPOINT® range of measurement equipment records data for the evaluation and assurance of the compressed-air quality and for the identification of hidden cost drivers.

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