About Champion

Direct Air and Pipework are authorised distributors of Champion air compressors, the smart and affordable choice for small and medium-size industries.

Champion offer a wide range of oil-injected screw, piston, rotary vane, dental air and breathing air compressors.

Champion compressed air products are designed for continuous use under the most severe conditions, paying particular attention to modularity, performance, energy efficiency, low operating and maintenance costs, plus ease of installation and use.

With competitive pricing, Champion compressors can be found across a wide range of applications including automotive, industrial workshops, and paint shops.

With an Extended 5 Year Warranty Programme available, Champion compressors allow for quality and worry-free ownership.

Champion compressor ranges

FN & FM RS Screw Compressors

The FM & FM RS range of screw compressors has been designed to meet the needs of customers who require a highly efficient and robust compressor package, without high-cost service and long downtimes. Cost-effective service and low running costs are one of the top features of these compressors. The compressors can be combined with different options including a complete package with dryer and receiver.

Piston Compressors

The Champion piston range includes oil-free, oil-lubricated and silent air compressors, making them ideal for a range of workshop and industrial uses. This range of compressors operate at low noise levels and have integrated control panels. They are designed with ease of use and servicing in mind. All Champion piston compressors are equipped with authentic high-quality pistons for a longer working life and better performance.

Rotary Vane Compressors

Champion’s range of rotary vane air compressors have a small-footprint while providing high-quality, clean air without the use of gears or a belt – resulting in a low noise air solution. Each rotary vane unit provides up to 100,000+ operating hours thanks to their simple, low-speed direct drive design which results in low noise, low stresses and a long working life.


We offer complete compressed air solutions including design, installation, servicing & WSE inspections.


We consider your entire compressed air system from the compressor to downstream equipment & pipework.

Industry / Sector

Whatever the industry and whatever the application, there's a growing demand for higher-quality compressed air.