Direct Air are proud distributors for CompAir, Hydrovane, BOGE, Bambi and Reavell compressors with access to fixed and variable speed technology, oil free solutions and high-pressure compressors. We consider your industry, application and specific requirements in order to supply the correct compressed air solution for your business.

Air Compressors


The compressor is just the beginning of your compressed air system! You need to take into consideration contaminants such as water, oil and particles which are present in the air and can cause damage to your equipment or even prevent production. We can advise on and supply downstream equipment including filters, dryers and condensate management.

Air Treatment


Air purity is critical for many industry applications where oil cannot come into contact with the product or even the production process. There are many solutions available to ensure industrial standards are achieved including oil free compressors and downstream filtration.

Oil Free Air Compressors


What air quality do you require? Has your compressed air system been design with your industry requirements in mind? At Direct Air, we offer advice about your current system and provide quality solutions to ensure you achieve the air quality your business requires.

Air Quality


Generating your own nitrogen gas on site can be a fantastic way of reducing costs and increasing reliability. We can supply, install and maintain a range of different nitrogen generators which can produce purity levels between 95% and 99.999%.

Nitrogen Generation

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