About Hydrovane

Direct Air and Pipework are authorised distributors of Hydrovane air compressors, and with more than 850,000 Hydrovane compressors manufactured to date, they can be found throughout all industry sectors.

Hydrovane’s principle global manufacturing and distribution centre is based at Redditch in the UK, ideally situated between our Coventry and Cheltenham offices for the latest developments and technical support. The Hydrovane management system conforms to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008, ensuring the manufacture of first class compressors.

Hydrovane Advantages

Maximise energy consumption

No gears and no belts mean fewer components to maintain, fail or replace, and no power loss.

Low noise levels

With noise levels as low as 62 dB(A), there aren’t many quiet air compressors silent enough to be located at the point of use.

High quality air

Hydrovane compressed air is clean, dry and pulse free straight from the outlet, with no receiver required as standard. Oil carryover (OCO) is typically less than 3 ppm.

Long lifespan

Reliable technology with fewer moving parts allows up to 100,000+ operating hours without the need for an expensive Air End change or refurbishment, when correctly serviced with genuine parts.

Package options

Both horizontal and vertical compressor formats are available as standard, enclosed or open, offering our customers a real choice when it comes to finding the solution.

Genuine parts

Maintenance and services conducted by Direct Air are carried out using genuine Hydrovane spares, ensuring your compressor is eligible for the Advance 10 Warranty.

Energy Saving

Hydrovane Regulated Speed compressors can reduce your energy bills by up to 50% with a typical payback in 3 years*.

Regulated speed compressors from Hydrovane (7.5 to 45 kW) can efficiently and reliably meet the varying air demand found in the majority of air systems, by automatically controlling air output to meet your exact requirements. The right regulated speed compressor in the right application delivers significant energy savings and a stable air supply at a constant pressure.

*Model dependent

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Rotary Vane principle

So how does a Hydrovane work?

1. Air is drawn through the intake valve

2. Air is contained between the rotor and the stator wall

3. Air is compressed by decreasing volume, Oil is continually injected to cool, seal and lubricate

4. High pressure air passes into the primary oil separator

5. Remaining traces of oil are removed in a fina separator element, providing high quality air

6. System air passes through the aftercooler, removing most of the condensate

7. Oil is circulated by differential internal air pressure. It passes through an air-blast oil cooler and filter before being returned into the compressor

8. Air flow is regulated by an inbuilt modulation system

Industries & Applications

Hydrovane provides adaptable energy efficient solutions for a wide range of industries including:

Automotive and Garage: From tyre inflation to product finishing, paint shops to air tools.

Construction: From pneumatic drilling to ventilation systems, concrete conveying to air conditioning.

Farm and Agriculture: Milk production, conveying and farm equipment

Food and Beverage: From packaging to product handling, food filling machines to air knives.

Medical and Dental: From sterilisation equipment to laboratory applications and breathing air.

And many more! Find out how a Hydrovane solution could benefit your business.

Hydrovane Advance

The Hydrovane Advance warranty offers complete peace of mind covering your Hydrovane compressor** for 10 years or 48,000 hours – whichever comes first!

This also includes a life-time guarantee on the cast iron vane blades contained within the compression element. ***

The use of genuine service kits, parts and lubricants are mandatory for continued Advance warranty cover. Advance servicing must be carried out by an authorised Hydrovane Distributor, whose personnel are fully trained and competent in the maintenance of a Hydrovane Compressor.

** Excluding gas compressors, HV04RM, HV05RM and HV07RM and non-standard product (NSP).

*** Subject to Terms and Conditions


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