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COVID-19 Production Downtime: Dos and Don’ts

Information regarding compressed air equipment for a COVID-19 related shutdown

Topics: Advice, Compressed air system, Direct Air news, Servicing

Date: 25th March 2020

Breathing air: your compressed air responsibilities

Does your compressed air system meet the legal standards for breathing air?

Topics: Advice, Air quality

Date: 26th March 2019

Compressed air filtration – what’s right for your system?

Did you know that up to 15 contaminants could be in your compressed air supply?

Topics: Advice, Air quality, Air treatment, Monitoring & measurement

Date: 11th March 2019

6 easy tips to maximise compressed air efficiency

Don't overlook the compressor on your workshop floor any longer.

Topics: Advice, Compressed air system, Compressor performance, Energy savings

Date: 23rd January 2019

How noisy is your compressor room?

Read suggestions to reduce the impact of noise from your compressor on the workplace.

Topics: Advice, Health & Safety

Date: 23rd July 2018

Hiring v Buying: what’s the solution for your business?

If you’re looking to change your compressor, is hiring or buying the best option for your business?

Topics: Advice, Compressed air system

Date: 17th July 2018

How to keep your air compressor working in summer

Read our tips to prepare your compressed air system for summer conditions.

Topics: Advice, Compressed air system

Date: 27th June 2018

How to know if you’ve got a leak

Escaping air is costing you money - look out for these tell-tale signs.

Topics: Advice, Energy savings, Monitoring & measurement, Pipework

Date: 14th December 2017

Benefits of onsite nitrogen generation

Want a better, more sustainable option for your nitrogen requirements?

Topics: Advice, Nitrogen

Date: 5th December 2017

Is your compressed air system prepared for winter? Part II

Ahead of the big chill we’re going to cover more aspects of weatherproofing.

Topics: Advice, Compressor performance

Date: 13th November 2017

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