Energy savings for your compressed air system

Compressed air is one of the most important utilities for industry, which makes it also one of the largest consumers of energy. Therefore, compressor energy savings have significant impact on overall business costs and on the environment.

The capital cost of buying a compressor is actually only a small part of the overall equation, and we want to ensure our customers obtain the lowest possible cost of ownership.

A system design specific for your requirements is key to reducing costs, managing your system’s energy efficiency for ISO 50001 and ensuring environmental responsibility for ISO 14001.

‘If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it’

Undergoing an energy audit is often the first step to improving the energy efficiency of your compressed air system. We survey all areas of the system in order to minimise energy consumption throughout, including generation, treatment, distribution and process usage.

Direct Air promise to guarantee projected savings from any survey conducted so you can restore control of your energy management and reduce your businesses carbon footprint.

Data Logging

Compressed air systems don’t always run to their best potential with the following all affecting energy efficiency:

  • Incorrectly specified equipment
  • Leaks
  • Poorly sized & designed pipework
  • Long distances
  • Excessive bends and fittings

We offer compressed air usage audits in accordance with ISO 11011, using independent data loggers meaning our results are not manufacturer driven.

The data logging equipment allows us to compile a detailed survey of your compressed air systems condition with particular reference to energy and the operating efficiency of the system. We can monitor pressure, flow, energy, operating temperature and dew point, as well as carbon reduction.

A standard audit would consist of installing data loggers for 1 week to capture a variety of different production demands before presenting a ROI evaluation. Not only will this deliver energy savings and reduce your carbon emissions, it also demonstrates your environmental responsibility.

Leak Detection

Did you know between 20-40% of your generated compressed air is being lost due to leaks? Therefore, you will be using more energy than required and increasing the running hours which means you’ll need a more frequent service.

Our technical team use ultrasonic leak detectors to pinpoint leaks in compressed air systems, even during noisy production periods.

The leak detector measures and photographs the specific location of a problem, and it signals in real time for immediate maintenance. Even the smallest of leaks can be identified!

At the end of the survey, a report is produced outlying the leaks and costs to repair with support offered from our technician.

Heat Recovery

Did you know over 90% of the electrical input to a compressor is lost as heat? It’s time to take advantage of this converted heat energy and save thousands of pounds every year!

The heat generated during compression is paid for as part of the process, then paid for again during removal by way of cooling fans. Instead of simply removing the heat, it can be used to generate hot water, heating systems and application processes in other areas of the installation.

This can be achieved by using:

  • Heat exchangers – at initial installation or as a retro-fit
  • Heat recovery ducting

Following a full analysis of your systems energy and air usage, we will suggest potential ways to generate energy savings via various methods dependent upon your site’s specific needs.

Energy Saving Solutions

Once areas for energy savings have been identified, Direct Air are able to provide a range of solutions to meet your business needs.

  • Convert an existing compressor to variable speed to remove offload power consumption.
  • Continuous monitoring using the latest control systems to harness individual air compressor pressure set-points & controls target system pressure within fine limits to reduce generating costs. It also ensures that the most efficient compressors are employed in the most efficient combination to suit a fluctuating air demand pattern.
  • High efficiency pipework reduces energy throughout the entire compressed air system. Applying a zoning valve, isolates air within the pipework and prevents leaks occurring.
  • Flow and pressure monitoring can be used for measurement of compressed air consumption at production machines, or to measure the output flow of your air compressors and air treatment equipment. The combination of flow, pressure and temperature provides key data on the real energy consum
At Direct Air, we provide a guaranteed ROI that predicted savings from a compressed air installation will be met following the implementation of the system.
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