Flow Monitoring

Optimal compressed air system performance, in terms of efficiency, reliability and air quality, has now become the main goal when operating, installing or purchasing compressed air equipment.

But most compressor systems are operating without even basic instrumentation to monitor energy and flow.

Often large investments of time and money are made to optimise a compressed air system, but the system operator is unaware if the new upgraded equipment is producing air as efficiently as expected or if produced air is wasted or misused.

So, do you know if your compressed air system is set up optimally?

You can only answer this question when the current volume flow requirement for your compressed air has been identified.

Flow meters measure the production and consumption of compressed air and are used to establish baseline air flows and energy use.

Direct Air offer compressed air flow meters to help identify potential savings, overloads and weak points in your system to improve its efficiency. By measuring the actual flow to the various production units, you are in a position to make decisions based on facts.

Installing a flow measuring system, either temporarily or permanently, provides you with data for intelligent energy management.

Measure, monitor and manage your compressed air system to reduce your energy consumption.

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