When selecting a compressor, it is worth paying attention to its noise level as it’s difficult to work comfortably in a noisy environment for very long. The noise of your air compressor may affect if you’re able to position it near point of use or need to implement acoustic barriers in your compressor room.

When shopping for a quiet air compressor, there are many terms used including ‘silent’, ‘noiseless’ and ‘ultra-quiet’. But what does that mean?

An air compressors noise is measured by decibel rating (dB). The higher the rating, the noisier the air compressor will be. 

  • 40 dB – This is considered low noise and is found most often in small air compressors or air compressors for domestic use. 
  • 60 dB – This is considered the safest level of noise for air compressors. 
  • 85 dB and over – This level of noise can become dangerous if exposed for long periods of time. 

While there is plenty you can do to quieten the sound on a compressor, there are low noise air compressors available that don’t require any additional tricks. 

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