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All new and existing compressed air installations must conform to the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR2000).

While being a legal requirement, a written scheme of examination is essentially a report that details safety devices and components associated with the systems pressure vessels. It will also detail inspection periods and sometimes a schematic drawing of the whole air network is required.

And who is responsible for compliance? It is you, as the owner and end user – but no need to get confused or worried, that’s what we’re here to help with!

How do I get a written scheme of examination?

It is actually pretty straightforward! At Direct Air we have in-house capability to provide written scheme examinations. A member of our team will attend site to identify, inspect and test all safety related equipment within your compressed air system. From a WSE, Direct Air can provide schematic drawings of all the compressed air systems and pipework for ease of air compressor servicing.

  1. Record all safety devices – items include pressure vessels, safety valves, pressure gauges and many more.
  2. Record serial numbers and tag items – for easy identification in the future!
  3. Write the WSE document – lists each item and often includes a schematic layout of your system, listing all the tagged items and their location relative to each other.
  4. Complete safety inspection – once everything has passed the test the WSE is complete.

The above steps will vary with the scale, complexity and size of each compressed air system.

Remember: a written scheme of examination needs to be updated if you modify your compressed air system!
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