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Regular servicing is essential to keep your compressed air system operating reliably and at optimum efficiency, and at Direct Air we aim to be proactive in our customer’s interests.

We offer a full range of flexible service contracts to meet your sites compressed air requirements.

And we’re proud to have a long-standing customer base, from local workshops to nationwide organisations, having worked alongside some companies for over 25 years.

Manufacturer trained engineers

Support all makes & models

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Whether you need an individual compressor servicing or multiple sites across the UK, you can be certain to have complete peace of mind with a tailored maintenance package.

Often experience out of hours issues?

All contracted customers benefit from our 24-hour response unit, who are on call to respond to any problems and prevent system downtime.

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Talking to us is easy

Get in-touch with the Direct Air team today to talk over your requirements big or small!

You can call us

0800 021 6800

Drop us a line

Email us

Request a meeting

Enquire now

Our service engineers

Our large team of manufacturer trained engineers are based nationwide and are experienced at maintaining all makes and models of air compressor and plant equipment.

From our engineering workshops in Coventry and Cheltenham, we hold large stocks of genuine parts and spares from manufacturers including CompAir, Boge, Atlas Copco, HPC and many others for both routine and emergency breakdown requirements.

Direct Air & Pipework are F Gas certificated for working with refrigeration systems with trained engineers.

Our fleet of service vehicles are fitted with location tracking, which enables us to minimise response times to our customers and provide accurate updates about expected arrival times, right up until they’re pulling up outside your door!

Each engineer has their own tablet providing customers with instant reporting and communication with our in-house team – meaning no need to wait on the delivery of traditional paperwork.

And apart from the spotless compressor room, you won’t even know we’ve been on site as we’re committed to removing all work generated waste.

Our service support team

Communication and organisation is key to how we operate, which is why our engineers are heavily supported by our excellent in-house service support team.

Backed by the latest monitoring technology and in-house technical support, we’re often told ‘you’re here before we even knew we had a problem!’

Our comprehensive service database ensures that maintenance is carried out at pre-determined intervals on all of your plants compressed air equipment, specific to your needs and in full accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Need an instant solution?

We always have portable and standby compressors in stock to avoid downtime and act as backup to your system, as well as offering contract rental packages for when you may need a longer-term solution.

Quality service is key to a reliable compressed air system, so whatever the requirement or manufacturer Direct Air can offer the following services:

  • Compressor Servicing
  • Dryer Servicing & Repairs
  • Compressed Air Filter Servicing
  • Dewpoint Monitoring
  • Condensate System Servicing


How often should an air compressor have maintenance work done?

The regularity of maintenance work on all air compressors is difficult to pinpoint to just one time period, as each machine’s requirements vary depending on the manufacturer, model, technology, and size. Some of the ways we would specify the maintenance required for your compressor is by assessing the site conditions where the equipment is located, how many hours the compressor has ran for and how it will be treated. This could, for example, range from needing scheduled maintenance twice a year, to other compressors requiring assessments every 3 months. If you are not actively using the system it is still recommended that you maintain a schedule to keep up with its general status.

Our Do you have a compressor maintenance strategy blog gives great tips to help you produce an effective maintenance process.

How are air compressors serviced?

There are several ways to service an air compressor, depending on the systems you have implemented.

Our scheduled maintenance includes:

  • Visual Inspection – the inspection will require a visual from an authorised technician and should give insight into where problems may arise. These inspections can be performed every six months for smaller systems and must be performed every three months on larger systems.
  • Lubrication – lubricating moving parts will keep them in good condition over time and maintain their usefulness. This can be performed every six months or so depending on usage.
  • Air Dryer Filter Replacement – filters used in lubricators, receiver tanks and other areas must be replaced frequently to avoid dirt and grime build up that will reduce the air quality in your system (and cause damage).
  • Using a Blower and Gauges – performing blow-downs on larger systems is important to maintaining the efficiency of the compressor. This is done by using an approved blower and gauging device to ensure adequate performance every few months.
  • Oil Changes – larger systems require regular oil changes and filter replacements to ensure proper lubrication. These can be done, for example, every 1500 hours or six months – whichever comes first. However, similarly to the maintenance work, this is manufacturer recommendation dependent.
  • Thermal Imaging Inspections: – these are done periodically to ensure that your equipment is not overheating or experiencing other issues.
  • Vapor Leak Testing – this is essential for systems which have refrigerant units, as compressed air can contain many hazardous gases/materials.

How often do air compressors need oil?

This will depend on your compressor type and how much you use your compressor. Some will require oil changes every 1000 hours, while others need it slightly less often. It’s recommended that oil is attended to at least annually for most compressors, however this is confirmed upon manufacturer recommendation.

Why should you use an expert to service your air compressor?

It is important to have a qualified and experienced technician service your air compressor. All of our service engineers will be able to identify faults and problems and give advice on further inspection and maintenance if needed.

Keeping up with the required inspections and oil changes is vital, as these are necessary to ensure your system remains reliable over time. It is also important to keep the machine clean and dry, as moisture can cause corrosion to metal parts/components which will lead to malfunctions.

Alongside this, manufacturer trained engineers ensure that any warranty remains valid which could save you on vital costs for expensive compressed air components.

How do I know whether or not my compressor needs servicing?

There are a few signs which indicate your system needs servicing. One of the most obvious is that it takes longer to fill as required, as this indicates that there is an issue with pressure or flow rate. Other possible problems include reduced air production over time, irregular noise from the machinery and vibrations when running.

The machine should work on a compressor manufacturer schedule (requiring a service after running a certain number of hours) and depending on the model, the compressor will usually indicate that servicing is required. However, if you are uncertain as to whether your system needs servicing or not it is best to consult with an expert.

And that’s a benefit of having a compressed air provider, you can leave it all to us and we’ll let you know when it’s time for your compressor to be serviced!

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