About CompAir

As authorised CompAir distributors, we offer ground-breaking compressed air technologies including compressors in both fixed and regulated speeds.

Oil lubricated

The L-Series from CompAir is known across the industry for quality and reliability to achieve optimum performance and efficiency.

Screw compression is at the heart of the compressor and with its user-friendly design, the compressors are easy to use and install. Designed with a minimum number of moving parts, the compressors are very reliable, robust and capable to run continuously. With fully removable side panels they are quick and easy to maintain and service, minimising the downtime and maximising the reliability

The L-Series comprises of fixed speed and regulated speed (RS) models and ranges from 0.24 m²/min to 47 m²/min and from 2.2 kW to 250 kW.

The regulated speed compressors from CompAir can efficiently and reliably handle the varying air demand found in most plant air systems achieving energy savings of up to 25%.

Oil Free

Air purity is crucial for many industries, including food and beverage and pharmaceutical. CompAir offers a wide range of oil-free technologies to ensure we can find a suitable solution to your application.

  • DH-Series
  • S Series
  • D-Series
  • Ultima compressors
  • Quantima compressors
CompAir Variable Speed

Regulated-speed CompAir compressors feature CompAir’s inverter technology, ensuring that the compressors speed up and slow down as required to meet product demand. This outstanding piece of technology means that the CompAir compressor only consumes the energy that is required to avoid off-load running and reduce your energy bills.


To improve the efficiency and monitoring of your compressor, CompAir iConn delivers real-time advanced analytics – enabling you to be proactive, not reactive.

iConn is a cloud-based management platform which allows users to monitor air compressor performance 24/7 via desktop, mobile or tablet devices. It is designed to help minimise downtime, identify trends to optimise performance rates and energy efficiency, while staying one step ahead by predicting potential issues before they happen.

The digital platform could be particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple locations, remote sites or unmanned installations.

iConn delivers real-time insight into how your compressed air system is performing, and works with all Gardner Denver products and services, current and historical.

Assure - Warranty

The Assure Warranty covers your compressor for up to 44,000 hours or 6 years (whichever is the soonest) giving you complete peace of mind when making your purchase (subject to Terms & Conditions*).

The use of genuine CompAir parts and lubricants will maximise your compressor’s life and efficiency, which combined with Assure, helps achieve accurate maintenance budgeting and cost of ownership.

*Contact us for full details.


We offer complete compressed air solutions including design, installation, servicing & WSE inspections.


We consider your entire compressed air system from the compressor to downstream equipment & pipework.

Industry / Sector

Whatever the industry and whatever the application, there's a growing demand for higher-quality compressed air.