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As a proud member of the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS), we want to help our customers increase their knowledge about compressed air. The courses on offer cover topics including working safely with compressed air and ensuring you are compliant with compressed air legislation.

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Compressed Air Systems Technology (CAST)

The course has been written by experts in the industry and is accredited by BCAS, The Certificate in Compressed Air System Technology (CAST) provides a comprehensive introduction to the main principles of compressed air systems.

This course is highly relevant to anyone needing to know more about compressed air production and use, relevant health and safety issues, legislation and energy efficiency.

The course teaches a greater understanding of compressed air principles. Enrolling on this course also helps meet health and safety obligations with respect to compressed air as an employer. Previous knowledge of the subject is not required. 

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Working Safely with Compressed Air

Compressed air is a safe and reliable form of power, widely used in industry and business. Both employers and employees have a responsibility for safety in the workplace.

Compressed air users must know how to work safely and understand the risks involved if good practice is not followed. Undertaking this course will help fulfil employers’ health and safety obligations and provide evidence by the online assessment that the individual has understood safe working practices and their responsibilities

The course takes an hour to complete and covers the following:

  • Hazards of compressed air as an energy source
  • Hazards arising from various air tools, including noise, vibration, fumes, hoses and connectors etc
  • The use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Employer and employee responsibilities with respect to Health and Safety when using compressed air
  • Specific hazards and risks associated with blow gun use

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