Hi I’m Olivia! I am a 17-year-old student at Alcester Grammar School, and I’m in the first year of studying for my A levels in Geography, English Language and Psychology.

After Sixth Form I am interested in doing a degree apprenticeship in quantity surveying. However after this joyful week of work experience at Direct Air, I would now be keen to also consider a career in marketing as this week has really given me a true insight into the role of this job which I found enjoyable but also interesting.

Before my first day at Direct Air I was unsure of what to expect and quite nervous, but as soon as I walked in, I felt very welcomed by all of what I can only describe to be very friendly staff who were all willing to help me.

On arrival I was shown a very well-organised timetable for the rest of my week and I was able to choose the tasks of which I was most interested in doing. Throughout this week of work experience I have learnt how to schedule social media posts, obtain and gather valuable business information and input it into a spreadsheet as well as learning how different websites can also help to obtain valuable statistics and information.

I enjoyed every task I was given, purely because it was very well explained to me and I was encouraged to ask questions about anything I may not have understood, which is what made this week so enjoyable.

All in all, this was a very interesting week with plenty of opportunities to learn something new and get involved. As I have previously said, this week has also encouraged me to look more deeply into pursuing a career in marketing.

From my experience at Direct Air this is a very professionally run family business with a friendly work environment. As a whole, I have really enjoyed this work experience placement and I would definitely recommend it.