The last time Olivia featured on the Direct Air blog was during National Apprenticeship Week, where Olivia discussed the progression she’d made within a year of being an apprentice – ‘One Year in: Marketing Apprentice’s Journey at Direct Air & Pipework’.

Fast forward a few months, with a new title and over a year of experience, let’s see how she’s finding the permanent position so far!

Olivia's working journey

After joining Direct Air in 2022, Olivia has now qualified in her Level 3 Business Admin Apprenticeship. As Olivia successfully passed the course and showcased her positive work ethic throughout the apprenticeship, her position now stands permanent as Direct Air’s Marketing & Sales Assistant.

What was the transition like from being an apprentice to being a permanent Direct Air employee?

Even though I really enjoyed doing my apprenticeship course and gaining new knowledge and experience, I’m glad I’ve completed it and am excited to transition into my new role and focus all of my work time progressing in this new role.

One of the aspects that I am most looking forward to in my new role is the opportunity to take on more responsibility. I will be overseeing and developing marketing campaigns, providing support for sales, analysing data, and maintaining the company website. These tasks are not entirely new to me, as I have been exposed to them during my apprenticeship. However, now I will have the chance to take on a leadership role in these areas, which I am really excited about. I will also continue with the daily tasks that I have been performing during my apprenticeship. This includes updating databases, managing social media campaigns, and monitoring performance.

Being newly qualified, I haven’t had chance to delve very deeply into my role yet. However, in the upcoming months I know I’ll get chance to properly put the skills I’ve learnt throughout my apprenticeship into place.

How was the permanent role approached?

The completion of my course was coming up so, my manager arranged an end of apprenticeship meeting on a date that would be suitable for us both. During this meeting my manager thanked me for the hard work I’d put in over the past year and a half and for consistently helping the team. I was also congratulated on passing my apprenticeship successfully.

During this meeting, I was then offered the permanent position of Marketing & Sales Assistant. I had been eager to find out the title I’d be presented with after qualifying and this was everything I’d hoped for.

I was provided a detailed explanation of all the expectations involved in the role and how responsibilities would differ from tasks I was already doing day-to-day. We then discussed potential long-term goals and the next levels that I would be able to work my way up to, which made me really look forward to my future at Direct Air. It didn’t take me long to accept the offer, as I was extremely happy with the new role and the responsibilities that would come with it.


Do you feel like the apprenticeship contributed to helping you work to the best of your ability in your permanent role?

The apprenticeship has hugely developed my personal and professional growth. Without this apprenticeship, I don’t think I would have progressed as effectively in my role as I have. The apprenticeship provided me with the perfect opportunity to gradually ease into the working world while continuing my education. Also, having the ability to earn money alongside the learning really was the best of both worlds!

By completing the apprenticeship before moving on to my permanent position, I felt fully prepared and confident in my abilities.

Will you be continuing your education throughout your permanent position?

Throughout my end of apprenticeship meeting, my manager discussed potential future goals for me, and although I’ve only just finished level 3, I’m really eager to begin new courses to improve my skills further.

Later on this year I will be looking into level 4 courses that are more marketing specific, in order to develop skills that will advance me in the marketing department. Of course I will be having a few months to settle into my new role first!

What is your favourite thing about being in your new permanent role?

Although I have been working for the company for nearly 2 years already, being offered my permanent position helped me feel more reassured that I am going to be part of the Direct Air team for much longer.

Also, being in this position makes me feel like I’m now able to stretch my skills further across the business to help a variety of colleagues in all different departments. I’m really happy with the people I work alongside and I am looking forward to continuing to build and grow these relationships as I take on more responsibilities and challenges in my new permanent role.