During the first 4 months of 2021, we welcomed 3 new employees to the Direct Air team! With the volume of work only increasing, various departments in the business required some extra hands.

This is where Keziah, Bryan and Victoria come in and they’ve all had an amazingly positive impact during their short time in the company. But let’s hear about each of their experiences of Direct Air so far in their own words…

Meet the new recruits

Keziah is 20 years old and our newest apprentice at Direct Air. She’s currently working through the Level 3 Business Administrator course. Keziah has been recruited to help out the busy projects department with admin and health & saftey tasks, which is a great role to coincide with her apprenticeship.

65 year old Bryan joined Direct Air at the beginning of the year. He works on site as one of our Storemen, helping with driving, stock management and general warehouse responsibilities. The hands-on involvement of the work suited exactly what Bryan was looking for in his new role.

Victoria is our HSEQ Coordinator and joined the company in April this year. She’s working on all things health & safety, Quality & Environment from first aid kit upgrades to keeping on top of ISO quality audits. Victoria is interacting with several memebers of the team in different departments to work on new processes which she’s excited to delve into.


How did you find the recruitment process?

“I used Coventry Chamber Training to initially apply for a Business Admin Level 3 apprenticeship. Following on from this, the interview I had for Direct Air was different to others I have had previously due to it being a virtual interview. However, the process was very professional and friendly, the nerves I had going in disappeared as the interview went on. I was absolutely delighted when I heard that the Direct Air team wanted me to join the company and was ready for the journey ahead. The company induction provided me with a lot of information and gave me the opportunity to meet many of my soon to be colleagues!” – Keziah Frost, Business Admin Apprentice (Projects).

“I have to say the recruitment process was the most enjoyable job interview I have ever sat through! The questions asked were really easily understood and explained really clearly by Senior Manager Emma Dolby. The interview was most certainly different having to speak to a person without actually being there physically but I think it was a good new experience for me. My induction and first day was a breeze as Dean Coles, Stores Manager, put me at ease immediately and had a great deal of patience with me (and my limited computer skills!).” – Bryan Martin, Storeman/Driver.

“I applied for the role via LinkedIn, which was a really nice straightforward process and it lead me to two remote interviews with Direct Air. I wasn’t sure how I would get on with these, however, I felt at ease once we started to discuss the role and my experience, as they matched up very well. I was so delighted to be offered the role. There’s so much to take in with being a new starter, but the team were all so welcoming and the induction was really helpful on my first day. Speaking of my first day, it seems so much longer than just six weeks ago, I feel like I have been here for much longer… in a good way!” – Victoria Tracey, HSEQ Coordinator.

How has it been settling in at Direct Air?

“I was nervous to start with due to the working environment being something that I’d never experienced before. But that was short lived, as I soon settled in well and was welcomed by all the team at Direct Air. They tried to make work life as normal as possible whilst following Covid-19 restrictions that were in place at the time. It did take me a few weeks to learn everyone’s job roles and responsibilities as well as the systems and processes that the company use. However, being able to shadow the staff that were in the office provided me with the insight that I needed.” – Keziah Frost, Business Admin Apprentice (Projects).

“My very first day at work pleasantly surprised me because everyone was so friendly and attentive, when I’ve worked in a lot of companies where you can go unnoticed for a few weeks. I was filled in about the friendly banter that may occur throughout the company and it didn’t disappoint… all good fun!”- Bryan Martin, Storeman/Driver.

“I feel very comfortable here at Direct Air and the team are all really great. I’ve received so much support and encouragement from the team which I’m extremely grateful for.  My working methods are mainly the same as pre-pandemic, with an additional good measure of hand sanitiser and virtual meetings! Some of the team are working from home, so it’ll be good to meet the rest of the team in person when it’s possible.” – Victoria Tracey, HSEQ Coordinator.

How are you getting on within your role so far?

“I’m getting on with my job role great at the moment, I’m enjoying working closely with my colleagues Jim and Victoria, as I’m learning all the aspects of Health & Safety that relate to the company. There’s a lot to learn with Health & Safety and I am grateful to the Direct Air team for providing me the opportunity to learn more within my job role and for continuously being supportive.” – Keziah Frost, Business Admin Apprentice (Projects).

“I’m enjoying my job very much considering I’m so fresh to the company and this specific role. I’ve got lots to look forward to at Direct Air, such as getting up and running with my own workstation” – Bryan Martin, Storeman/Driver.

“I’m really enjoying my new role and supporting the team, as it’s a total new industry for me so I’m learning and experiencing new aspects to HSEQ daily in an engineering setting. I could have written the job role myself, it’s that perfect for my skills and interests! Occupational Health & safety, Quality, Environment, Compliance – I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m really enjoying getting my tasks and activities organised… my enthusiasm for checklists has definitely been noted by my colleagues! I am currently working on Health & Safety provisions, ISO internal Audits and Project RAMS, so plenty of tasks to keep me productive and engaged.” – Victoria Tracey, HSEQ Coordinator.

What are you most looking forward to as you continue your journey at Direct Air?

“I’m looking forward to being able to meet my colleagues who are currently working from home as Covid restrictions begin to ease. As well as being able to develop my knowledge and skills more within my job role.” – Keziah Frost, Business Admin Apprentice (Projects).

“I’m looking forward to spending my last working years at Direct Air, and meeting the faces of the rest of Direct Air’s employees working from home. All in all, I made a great decision to join Direct Air and I’m extremely grateful to Allan and Emma Dolby, as well as Dean for giving me the chance to work at Direct Air.” – Bryan Martin, Storeman/Driver.

“Most of my role activities are cycle based, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually so really looking forward to completing my 1st year. By then I will have worked with the whole team at both offices and will be working towards increasing the development side of my role for the HSEQ objectives and targets – which is really exciting!” – Victoria Tracey, HSEQ Coordinator.