Despite having 5 current apprentices’, these aren’t Direct Air’s first. We currently have 3 former apprentices’, who are now full-time employees here, following the completion of their courses.

This is such a rewarding achievement for the company, but let’s see what one of them thinks!

Meet Tom

Tom began his career journey as a 17-year-old engineering apprentice in September 2011, at which point he was studying at college. Four months later, he was then employed by Direct Air through the apprenticeship, when he turned 18. Now 26 years old, Tom is a valued, experienced member of staff at Direct Air.

How did doing an apprenticeship help you to ease into the working world?

I had a part time job before starting the apprenticeship, but I didn’t see a career at where I was. Doing an apprenticeship at Direct Air has allowed me to start a career in engineering. It was beneficial doing the apprenticeship, as I was learning the hands-on skills at site, along with gaining qualifications at college. All this whilst earning money too!

What are your main achievements from the beginning of your apprenticeship to now?

At my college, MGTS, I managed to gain a double grade of Distinction*, which I’m really proud of. This has helped me to gain the knowledge I have needed to pass the health and safety courses Direct Air enrolled me onto. Some of these courses include CSCS, SSSTS and CCNSG. Passing these different tests, has given me the ability to have more responsibility throughout my day to day work. The skills I learnt at MGTS have helped me over come situations I wasn’t initially prepared for, that I may not have learnt outside of an apprenticeship.

What are your future aspiring achievements moving forward?

A huge future aspiration of mine would be going to University. Now that I’ve obtained the real-life experience, studying at degree level would provide me with more knowledge in engineering. This sort of advanced learning will allow me to progress more in my career. I know Direct Air are 100% behind me with this!


What was your biggest misconception about apprenticeships?

My biggest misconception about apprenticeships, was that I would be on a poor wage for a long time. Although I understood that starting on lower pay was quite typical of an apprenticeship, I didn’t want it to become a forever situation. But, after starting at Direct Air, I noticed that my wages increased regularly throughout my apprenticeship. This was a great incentive for me to keep pushing myself during my apprenticeship and reach new levels of success.

What have been the best 3 things that you’ve benefitted from by doing an apprenticeship?

My apprenticeship benefitted me because it has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge and experience. These skills have then allowed me to overcome problems on jobs quickly, which is essential in this job role! It has helped me progress to the point where I can now take control of my own work and supervise the current apprentices who assist me on jobs. My apprenticeship has also helped me gain good working relationships with my colleagues. These connections have made (and still continue to make!) my experience at Direct Air very enjoyable.