From 8th – 12th November 2021 it’s Tomorrow’s Engineers Week. So, we’re joining the #LottieTour with the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) to showcase what it means to be an engineer at Direct Air – Thursday Lottie was with the Service Engineers.

Now that Lottie has experienced what happens within the warehouse in Wednesday’s addition, she has spent Thursday seeing how the processes continue through from Storemen to Service Engineers in preparing for customer site visits. Let’s talk about the different elements Lottie had to consider when working alongside this team…


How does a Service Engineer Prepare for Site?

The preparation process for Service Engineers varies, as if they’re attending that is scheduled work, they must take the assigned products left for them by the Stores team along with their required tools. However, if its a call out they may only have minimal details about the job they’re attending – so they must use their initiative and professional engineering skills to prepare for potential worst case scenarios or further problems relating to the issue reported. This means taking extra equipment, tools and spare parts as a precaution. Getting this preparation part right is very important, as call outs can be critical for customers who use air compressors on 24/7 basis, meaning if air supply is down it could put a stop to production – losing the customer money by the minute! Also the customer site could be hours away from our Direct Air sites, therefore time management is essential meaning forgetting key items could be detrimental. You can see Lottie loading up her equipment to the vehicle in the right photo.

With the newest addition of COVID, health and safety is more important than ever and as our engineers are the ones who come directly into contact with the customers on their sites and the compressed air equipment, they must protect themselves and everyone else! On this left photo, we can see Lottie taking precautions for all areas with her COVID later flow tests, health and safety documentation such as RAMS and all of her PPE including hard hat, hi-vis jacket, safety glasses and boots.

Here we can see Lottie all fixed up in one of the Direct Air vans, ready to attend customer site and complete the job! She’ll be working alongside our brilliant Service Engineers including Richard Morris, Bart Kwiatkowski, Gary Davis, Jon Tromans, Neil Clifton, Nick Short, Paul Barker and Phil Wallace. As well as our up-and-coming Junior and Apprentice Service Engineers James Taylor, Jack Walton, Tom Mander, Bradley Skelcher and Jamie Lee.