Last week we started advising you on how you can prepare your compressed air system for the cold winter months.

We previously focused on essential maintenance ahead of the big chill and now we’re going to cover more aspects of weatherproofing.


External Compressed Air Supplies

Compressed air is often piped to external locations for varying applications. In really cold temperatures the potential for freezing of these pipes increases. Direct Air can advise on the installation of point of use protection methods to ensure that all external equipment does not have these problems.

Compressor Temperature

Do you turn your compressor off during evenings or weekends? If yes, it is important to consider the ambient temperature it will be in over that period! At temperatures below 5°C the compressor may not start due to inbuilt low temperature protection devices. Steps can be taken to alleviate these problems so give us a call so we can advise how we can help.

Recover your heat

The onset of winter can also be seen as an opportunity to make some energy savings! In ideal conditions, it is possible to recover and reuse 90% of compressor heat, which may be appreciated as the temperature drops.

Heat recovery systems are a useful investment, particularly in winter when heating costs increase, as you can offset the costs of producing heating workspaces and warehouses, producing hot water and many more.

Missed Part 1? Give it another read to make sure you’re not missing any of our winter tips.