The temperature is rising, and you might be packing your suitcase with sun cream, but your compressor doesn’t get a summer holiday. In fact, high temperatures and humidity are exactly a compressed air systems worst nightmare if not looked after properly!

Keep your sunhat on and the pressure off by avoiding unscheduled downtime and loss of production by following these summer tips.

Check ventilation access

The more obstacles you have around the compressors vents, the less effective its internal ventilation will be. Clear anything that blocks the air flow out of the way of the compressor, so even if the ambient air isn’t cool it will be able to reach your compressed air equipment.

Clean filters

Increased temperatures cause changes in the ambient environment, such as the air becoming drier and dustier. While your filters are in place to protect from such contaminants, a compressor will run more efficiently and cooler if the air and oil filters are clean.

Clean coolers

If your coolers become blocked or clogged it will cause your compressor to overheat, especially on a hot summer day. To ensure proper functioning, organise a summer service to clean dust and residues from the cooling fans.

Check your drains

While we generally have less rain (fingers crossed) in the summer, the relative humidity in the air usually increases – meaning there will be more condensate needing to be removed from your drains. A service engineer will ensure your drains are working properly so they can handle the extra flow.

Adjust water cooling systems

Do you alter the temperature in your office with a fan or air con to keep staff comfortable? The same applies with water-cooled compressors; the water temperature needs to be adjusted to ensure it’s cool enough for summer conditions.

Will your compressor make it through the summer?

Contact us to organise a summer service and you'll be left with a compressor you can be sure is operating at its optimum and ready to cope efficiently, whatever the weather.