There are a few questions you might ask yourself on a regular basis including:

  1. What jobs will I get done today?
  2. When is it pay day?
  3. When will I have my next cup of tea?

But how often do you think about how you could improve the performance of your compressed air system? And, ultimately, your application and outcome.

Take a read of our 6 top tips to help your compressor – and business – become more reliable:


Look at the data

The main job of an air compressor is to produce compressed air by compressing ambient air, then distributing it throughout the compressed air network. To look at the performance of your compressor you’re going to ask the following questions:

  • How much electrical power is my air compressor consuming?
  • How much compressed air is my air compressor delivering?
  • What’s my pressure profile?

Nothing speaks truer than the data from your actual compressor system. By reviewing metrics including flow rate, pressure and temperature, it is possible to identify opportunities to improve efficiency. This could be carried out by an energy survey including the installation of data-logging equipment to drill down into the details.

And remember, the performance of the air compressor may degrade over its life-time. So active measurement, such as real-time monitoring, may be useful for real-time performance estimation of air compressors.

Repair leaks

Following on from detecting the leaks, it is in your best interest to repair them! It is almost impossible to avoid leakage within a compressed air system and it can result in 20-30% of wasted energy. An easy way to estimate your plant’s leakage is during a period of non-production to see how hard your compressor is running. It is also important to design a leak prevention programme, including training for onsite maintenance.

Heat recovery

Did you know over 90% of the electrical input you’re paying for is lost as heat? With rising electricity prices and the need to cut energy use, you could make significant financial benefits for your business by reusing the heat generated for other purposes in your plant. For example, you could use if for water heating, space heating, process heating and drying, and boiler houses.

Check the output you need

Is your supply exceeding your demand? If you answered yes or maybe, your compressed air system is wasting energy. And it is also creating unnecessary costs. We can help you identify the right size and technology for your purpose to ensure you’re only paying for what you need.


Regular servicing is essential to keep your compressed air system and production operating as expected. In fact, poorly maintained systems can be responsible for excess utility costs and inefficiencies.

A service contract allows for your compressor to be routinely serviced. This should always be in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. It also provides the opportunity to discover and resolve issues before anything has a chance to fail.

Speak to the experts

We’ve been in the compressed air business since 1993. We still listen to our customers’ individual requirements to assist in reducing their energy usage and carbon footprint. We’re only a phone call, email or tweet away!