At Direct Air we understand that compressed air is one of the most important utilities for industry, which makes it also one of the largest consumers of energy. Therefore, we are committed to providing the most energy efficient and cost-effective solutions to our customers by communicating our expertise and technical guidance.

In order to continue this commitment, we now have our valued Direct Air team member, Daniel Murphy, working in a brand new position as Energy Audit Manager. Whilst in his previous role as Sales Engineer, Daniel found himself gravitating more towards energy focused services. We found that developing this further by creating a complete new energy focused role works best for Daniel, Direct Air as a company and of course – our customers!

Today we’re finding out more about Daniel, as well as how he’ll be working with customers moving forward to help with cutting their compressed air costs.

About Daniel

Daniel joined Direct Air in 2017 after completing his Business Management degree at Worcester University. Since then, he has been gaining experience and knowledge as a Sales Engineer by working alongside Senior Sales Representatives who have been working in the compressed air industry for over 30 years. Moving forward, Daniel will now be operating as Direct Air’s Energy Audit Manager.

What will Dan be working with customers on?

Data Logging

We offer compressed air usage audits in accordance with ISO 11011, using independent data loggers meaning our results are not manufacturer driven.

The data logging equipment allows us to compile a detailed survey of your compressed air systems condition with particular reference to energy and the operating efficiency of the system. We can monitor pressure, flow, energy, operating temperature and dew point, as well as carbon reduction.

Leak Detection

Our technical team use ultrasonic leak detectors to pinpoint leaks in compressed air systems, even during noisy production periods.

The leak detector measures and photographs the specific location of a problem. Even the smallest of leaks can be identified!

At the end of the survey, a report is produced outlying the leaks and costs to repair with support offered from our technician.

Following on from the leak detection report, repairs and maintenance can be conducted on the compressed air system to resolve the leaks identified and improve the efficiency of your system.

Heat Recovery

Following a full analysis of your systems energy and air usage, we will suggest potential ways to generate energy savings via various methods dependent upon your site’s specific needs.

Heat recovery options include:

  • Hot water
  • Process Requirements
  • Hot Air Heating
  • Heating

Flow Monitoring

Flow meters measure the production and consumption of compressed air and are used to establish baseline air flows and energy use.

Direct Air offer compressed air flow meters to help identify potential savings, overloads and weak points in your system to improve its efficiency. By measuring the actual flow to the various production units, you are in a position to make decisions based on facts.

Installing a flow measuring system, either temporarily or permanently, provides you with data for intelligent energy management.


Daniel Murphy, Energy Audit Manager at Direct Air:

“I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Energy Auditing Manager at Direct Air & Pipework Ltd!

In this new position, I will be responsible for identifying and implementing energy-saving opportunities for our customers, helping them reduce their energy consumption and save money in the process.

I’m looking forward to working closely with our customers to assess their current energy usage, identify areas where improvements can be made and help to achieve their energy-saving goals.”