No doubt you’ll have heard about the Carbon Dioxide shortage, but how severe really is the issue? Well, the UK production of C02 has more than halved during the crisis, causing threats of shortages in shop’s – leading to scares of even calling Christmas off!

Despite the Government discussing the potential temporary subsidise of the CF Industries, this isn’t the first C02 shortage we’ve had, with the most recent one occurring just 3 years ago in the summer of 2018… meaning this year’s isn’t likely to be our last.

However, it isn’t all bad news, as there is a great alternative that could be beneficial for many industries – Nitrogen!


What is C02 used for and who will it effect?

CO2 is used in food and drink, medical supplies, chemical processing and more, meaning all of these industries and their crucial applications could be affected by the shortage.

C02 is used to produce carbonated drinks, from soft drinks to alcoholic beverages but also to keep transported food fresh. Even before our food is out for delivery, the gas is used to stun live stock for slaughtering and package the meat, as well as other products like baby food and baked goods.

It isn’t just food & beverage being jeopardised, the nuclear industry will take a hit with their coolant supply and life saving emergency equipment such fire extinguishers and life jackets could be impacted to. Not to mention various surgical settings, where C02 is required to assist in breathing stabilisation and also for Endoscopy procedures.

How can Nitrogen be used and what are the benefits of on-site generation?

Nitrogen is great for blanketing, interting and purging as the gas’s inert and environmentally friendly qualities allow it to suit a range of applications within the food & beverage and chemical industries.

Nitrogen’s non-reactive profile towards the majority of materials means that the gas provides a very high level of safety, with just small amounts of Nitrogen having the ability to protect sensitive materials from potential fires and explosions. On top of this, valuable chemicals can be kept contaminant free by using the gas, increasing quality whilst preventing degradation.

Now you know applications that nitrogen can be useful for, but where do you get it from? That’s simple… your own site!

On-site nitrogen generation is an excellent solution as an extension to your compressed air system, especially if your current supply comes from bulk N2 deliveries – there could be some serious benefits in switching to on-site generation.

On-site nitrogen generation can open doors to multiple reductions across the business, including lower labour costs, less downtime, and reduced waste. Whilst increasing storage space and safety with a stationary holding tank removing risks by eliminating manoeuvring.

Cost savings, increased efficiency, practicality and sustainability are all huge benefits of on-site generation, with price increases on purchased gas and vehicle deliveries all eliminated – as your Nitrogen is right there on site!