Hydrovane HR Compressor Range

Hydrovane HR Compressor Range

In 2003 Hydrovane launched a radically different product, the HV range of vertically configured compressors with unrivalled footprint, serviceability and integrated package configurations

Hydrovane compressors are reliable, versatile and cost effective however constant advancements in technology and ever increasing demands for energy saving features mean things have to change. Hydrovane's engineers challenged themselves to do something better. Retain the features which make Hydrovane a great product, admired by thousands of owners worldwide, but take it forward.


The Hydrovane HR Series of rotary vane compressors; unmistakably Hydrovane but one hundred percent new. It’s not so much evolution, but REGENERATION.

The Hydrovane Regeneration HR Series is reassuringly familiar on the outside with significant changes on the inside.



Hydrovane HR compressor technology is simple, robust and reliable. It’s versatility makes it the first choice for a wide range of OEM applications and manufacturers.

  • Direct drive, allows direct coupling to electric motors, hydraulic motors, petrol and diesel engines and PTO drives.
  • Compact design and light weight for ease of installation
  • Spin on filtration for easy maintenance.
  • Better than 3ppm air quality
  • Simple white metal bushes for long airend life
  • HR airends suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Integral oil coolers

If extra features are required for specific applications, Hydrovane can offer modifications to standard products. Ask Direct Air about “Standard Plus” parts for HR Compressors.



Advanced 10 Warranty

Hydrovane’s Advance™10 Warranty guarantees you up to 48,000 hours peace of mind*.

  • Lifetime guarantee on blades
  • 10 years or 48,000 hours on airends
  • Planned maintenance schedules - Maximum production
  • No unexpected repair bills
  • Simple to join with minimum administration
  • Increased re-sale value
  • It’s FREE OF CHARGE - No premiums to pay

*Advance 10 is available for 10 years or 48,000 hours, whichever is soonest, providing manufacturer warranty guidelines are followed.


Fixed Speed Enclosed Compressors

Variable Speed Enclosed Compressors

Motor Power Max Pressure Base Mounted Receiver Dryer Dryer + Receiver Base Mounted Receiver Dryer Dryer + Receiver
4 kW 7 Bar HR04E07 HR04ER07 HR04ED07 HR04ERD07 X X X X
10 Bar HR04E10 HR04ER10 HR04ED10 HR04ERD10
5.5 kW 7 Bar HR05E07 HR05ER07 HR05ED07 HR05ERD07 X X X X
10 Bar HR05E10 HR05ER10 HR05ED10 HR05ERD10
7.5 kW 7 Bar HR07E07 HR07ER07 HR07ED07 HR07ERD07 HR07E RS HR07ER RS HR07ED RS HR07ERD RS
10 Bar HR07E10 HR07ER10 HR07ED10 HR07ERD10


Hydrovane HR Fixed Speed Open Compressors

Motor Power Pressure Base Mounted
5.5 kW 7 Bar HR05PR07
10 Bar HR05PR10
7.5 kW 7 Bar HR07PR07
10 Bar HR07PR10

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