Medical & Healthcare

Whether in a hospital, dental practice, laboratory or veterinary lab, you cannot compromise on the quality of compressed air for your patients.

Compressed air can be a life-supporting service, and oil-free compressors remove risk of oil being delivered to patients.

Achieving ultra-clean, contamination free air within a contemporary surgical environment is doable with specifically designed equipment to provide the hygienic quality for medical, breathing or surgical air required.

Typical uses of compressed air in the medical and healthcare industry include:
  • Air driven medical tools
  • Air separation
  • Breathing air
  • Sterilisation equipment
Air Quality

If the compressed air system has not been designed for your industry specific requirements, it has potential to cause major problems which you don’t want when you have lives literally on the line. We offer advice about your current compressed air system and provide solutions to achieve the quality you require.

Compressed Air Quality Testing

Dental Compressors

Ultraclean air, free of all contamination is an essential part of modern dentistry & healthcare. Bambi provide specifically designed and developed products and understand completely the demands of a contemporary surgery.

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Oil Free Air

With patient’s health and wellbeing at stake, you can’t get more critical than medical applications. Oil-free technology reduces the risk of contamination and provides ISO 8573-1 Class 0 Compressed Air, so you can focus on what matters – helping people!

Oil free air


Oil free air can also be achieved in systems that have oil lubricated compressors installed. Depending upon the class of air required Direct Air can advise on how oil free air can be delivered to your system.

Air Treatment

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