Medical & Healthcare

Whether in a hospital, dental practice, laboratory or veterinary lab, you cannot compromise on the quality of compressed air for your patients.

Compressed air can be a life-supporting service, and oil-free compressors remove risk of oil being delivered to patients.

Achieving ultra-clean, contamination free air within a contemporary surgical environment is doable with specifically designed equipment to provide the hygienic quality for medical, breathing or surgical air required.

Typical uses of compressed air in the medical and healthcare industry include:

  • Air driven medical tools
  • Air separation
  • Breathing air
  • Sterilisation equipment
Air Quality

If the compressed air system has not been designed for your industry specific requirements, it has potential to cause major problems which you don’t want when you have lives literally on the line. We offer advice about your current compressed air system and provide solutions to achieve the quality you require.

Compressed Air Quality Testing

Dental Compressors

Ultraclean air, free of all contamination is an essential part of modern dentistry & healthcare. Bambi provide specifically designed and developed products and understand completely the demands of a contemporary surgery.

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Oil free air can also be achieved in systems that have oil lubricated compressors installed. Depending upon the class of air required Direct Air can advise on how oil free air can be delivered to your system.

Air Treatment

Oil Free Air

With patient’s health and wellbeing at stake, you can’t get more critical than medical applications. Oil-free technology reduces the risk of contamination and provides ISO 8573-1 Class 0 Compressed Air, so you can focus on what matters – helping people!

Oil free air

What air quality do I require?

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) sets three such standards, ISO 8573, ISO 12500, and ISO 7183.

Which standards you should apply will depend on the specific contaminants your aim to remove and the purification equipment you will rely on to do so. Compressed air typically has three main contaminants which are water, particles and oil.

Working in the medical & healthcare industry means you’re likely to be working in a hospital, dental practice, laboratory or veterinary lab, so you must remember that you cannot compromise on the quality of compressed air for your patients.

At Direct Air, we offer advice about your current compressed air system and provide quality solutions to ensure you achieve the air quality your business requires. To achieve the stringent air quality levels required for today’s modern production facilities, a careful approach to system design, commissioning and operation must be employed.

We can offer air quality testing and breathing air testing.

What is the quietest air compressor? 

Working in the medical & healthcare industries means that the compressed air equipment is likely to be in close proximity to the users for applications such as air driven medical tools and equipment sterilisation. Therefore, noise levels of the compressor are an important element to consider for reducing the risk of any negative health problems and creating a comfortable working environment.

Rotary vane and screw compressors are generally available as silenced units.

An air compressors noise is measured by decibel rating (dB). The higher the rating, the noisier the air compressor will be. 

40 dB – This is considered low noise and is found most often in small air compressors or air compressors for domestic use. 

60 dB – This is considered the safest level of noise for air compressors. 

85 dB and over – This level of noise can become dangerous if exposed for long periods of time. 

No silent air compressor will be completely silent, but noise can be dramatically reduced by choosing a quiet air compressor model.

Why are oil-free compressors a good solution for the medical & healthcare industry?

Oil free compressors are the perfect solution for applications requiring the highest air quality, resulting in oil-less air for your end-product and production processes. Air purity is critical for many applications where even the smallest drop of oil can cause product spoilage or damage the production equipment, resulting in potential unplanned downtime.

Many companies in critical applications industries choose ISO 8573-1 Class Zero oil-free compressors that provide clean, 100 percent oil-free air. However atmospheric conditions can lead to oil vapour being present in the air generated from an oil free air compressor. Therefore, additional filtration may be necessary for the system as a whole or point of use depending upon the application.

There are many options available to ensure your production runs smoothly and to industrial standards, and Direct Air are happy to advise on what would be the ideal solution for your circumstance. Direct Air can advise on the most suitable means to deliver an acceptable level of oil free compressed air from your existing or new system.

Accord Healthcare Ltd required a compressed air system upgrade to ensure their production was receiving the highest quality of efficient compressed air.

Glenn Heywood, Principle Project Engineer at Accord Healthcare explained: ‘Provision of high-quality compressed air is fundamental to our operation. The engineering team decided the existing compressed air generation and treatment and distribution manifold required replacement.’

Considering this, Direct Air stepped in to provide the most effective upgrade, installing equipment including the CompAir DH, which is 100% oil free.

Read the full case study for more detail about this vital project:

Case Study

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