The UK is the 9th largest manufacturing nation in the world, generating an annual output of £183 billion. And compressed air is the fourth utility used to provide power for many of the different manufacturing operations.

Compressed air is used to operate everything from HVAC systems to pneumatic equipment, as it is safer and more convenient than electricity.

As the technologies used in the manufacturing process get more and more advanced, the efficiency and quality of compressed air will become more important.

Typical uses of compressed air in the manufacturing industry include:
  • Spray finishing equipment
  • Air operated tools
  • Air operated lifting equipment
  • Cooling and heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Wind generation
  • Air separation

Manufactuirng is not a static industry so whether you require a single air drop, pipework extension, or even a complete turnkey installation, Direct Air can supply and install a system solution to meet your needs.


Air Compressors

Oil-lubricated compressors run smoothly, quietly and reliably, and are suitable for use in everything from woodworking to pick-and-place equipment. While oil-free compressors are generally used for painting and coating processes which require higher air purity.

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UK Air Compressor Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing and Maintenance

Regular servicing is essential to keep your compressed air system operating reliably and at optimum efficiency. By selecting one of Direct Air’s service contracts, your system will benefit from planned, regular service visits and genuine spare parts, for complete peace of mind.

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Air Treatment

The compressor is just the beginning of your compressed air system! The air around you and your equipment can be filled with contaminants including oil, water and particles – and some aspects of your manufacturing process will not warrant these to be present. We offer filtration, dryer and condensate management solutions.

Air Treatment

How often should an air compressor have maintenance work done?

The regularity of maintenance work on all air compressors is difficult to pinpoint to just one time period, as each machine’s requirements vary depending on the manufacturer, model, technology, and size. Some of the ways we would specify the maintenance required for your compressor is by assessing the site conditions where the equipment is located, how many hours the compressor has ran for and how it will be treated. This could, for example, range from needing scheduled maintenance twice a year, to other compressors requiring assessments every 3 months.

If you are not actively using the system it is still recommended that you maintain a schedule to keep up with its general status.

What areas of the country do you cover?

Direct Air understands that as a manufacturing business, you may have multiple sites around the UK. We are able to cater for all of your compressed air requirements at different sites as Direct Air work throughout the entire country. This gives you the peace of mind that all compressed air systems are being taken care of by one professional provider under a reliable service contract.

We cover sites all over the UK for many of our nationwide accounts and we are happy to conduct work abroad.

Direct Air & Pipework are based in our Coventry and Cheltenham offices, enabling us to easily cover the Midlands and South West counties, and only be a few hours away from anywhere else in the country.

Our specialised project department work with MNE contractors throughout the UK.

If you are not actively using the system it is still recommended that you maintain a schedule to keep up with its general status.

What is the most energy efficient air compressor?

If you’re running your compressors 24/7, which is likely in the manufacturing industry, then you’ll want to consider the energy your compressed air system is consuming and if it can be reduced. 

With the global challenge of climate change being more severe than ever and compressed air systems accounting for up to 40% of a manufacturing facility’s total energy bill, ensuring customers are using that consumption as efficiently as possible is essential.

The most energy efficient air compressor really depends upon the application it is used for. It is widely recommended that when thinking about compressed air energy efficiency you should conduct an energy audit to measure your current usage and identify areas where you could make effective energy reduction cost saving changes.

Over 10 years of complete compressed air solutions for Swish Building Products

Swish Building Products is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of low maintenance cellular PVC building products, including fascias, bargeboards, rainwater, internal and external cladding. Direct Air have provided complete compressed air solutions for this company for over 10 years now and as Swish uses compressed air for material transfer, filter purging and a multitude of pneumatic equipment, their system is absolutely vital to production.

On top of their initial compressed air equipment, Swish have invested in energy reduction solutions to safe considerable costs, including variable speed technology and heat recovery. To ensure their compressed air equipment is always running as efficiently as possible, Swish are contracted to a Gold level service plan with Direct Air.

You can read the full case study below:

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