Retail and wholesale distributors are continuing to improve on the technologies within their supply chain strategy to achieve operational excellence, meaning the compressed air system need to be designed to meet the increasing requirements.

From retail giants to the behind-the-scenes supply chain solutions, our installations are powering some of the biggest and best warehouse industrial automation solutions across the UK.

Typical uses of compressed air in the distribution industry include:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Case and carton erectors
  • Packaging machines
  • Labelling equipment
  • Picking machines

When designing a compressed air system, you need to ensure there is enough space for easy access for maintenance and the equipment has an appropriate noise level if close to point of use – which is very applicable for large scale distribution warehouses.


UK Air Compressor Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing and Maintenance

Regular servicing is essential to keep your compressed air system operating reliably and at optimum efficiency. By selecting one of Direct Air’s service contracts, your system will benefit from planned, regular service visits and genuine spare parts, for complete peace of mind.

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Air Compressors

Your compressor is more than just a financial investment – it is a key component in ensuring your production equipment receives consistent, high quality low cost air to maintain and improve business processes.

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How do I prevent breakdowns in my compressed air system?

There are two key ways in avoiding breakdowns and they both stem from checking your system to see if you’ve got a problem before it develops and an creates unplanned downtime.

Having a service contract means that Direct Air engineers can attend site as regularly as required for your specific system to assess how well your compressed air equipment is functioning. This way, our engineers have the chance to spot and repair potential arising issues before they become detrimental, which acknowledges preventative compressor maintenance.

In order to enhance preventative maintenance and create further peace of mind that your system is running smoothly, you can invest in iConn technology.

With a focus on the increasing demand for reliability, CompAir have launched iConn. It’s a cloud-based platform to manage, optimise and improve compressed air-based services. It delivers real-time analytics and can identify potential issues before they happen.

No matter where you are, you can be in control of your compressed air system and Direct Air can tap into the system for you, meaning we’re able to acknowledge potential issues and send an engineer out to your site without causing you any inconvenience.

How are air compressors serviced?

There are several ways to service an air compressor, depending on the systems you have implemented.

Our scheduled compressor maintenance includes:

  • Visual Inspection – the inspection will require a visual from an authorised technician and should give insight into where problems may arise. These inspections can be performed every six months for smaller systems and must be performed every three months on larger systems.
  • Lubrication – lubricating moving parts will keep them in good condition over time and maintain their usefulness. This can be performed every six months or so depending on usage.
  • Air Dryer Filter Replacement – filters used in lubricators, receiver tanks and other areas must be replaced frequently to avoid dirt and grime build up that will reduce the air quality in your system (and cause damage).
  • Using a Blower and Gauges – performing blowdowns on larger systems is important to maintaining the efficiency of the compressor. This is done by using an approved blower and gauging device to ensure adequate performance every few months.
  • Oil Changes – larger systems require regular oil changes and filter replacements to ensure proper lubrication. These can be done, for example, every 1500 hours or six months – whichever comes first. However, similarly to the maintenance work, this is manufacturer recommendation dependent.
  • Thermal Imaging Inspections: – these are done periodically to ensure that your equipment is not overheating or experiencing other issues.
  • Vapor Leak Testing – this is essential for systems which have refrigerant units, as compressed air can contain many hazardous gases/materials.

Do you provide installations and pipework?

All air compressor installation work is carried out by our own fully skilled engineers in compliance with current approved codes of practice and pressure systems regulations.

Our installation team are fully conversant with compressed air, and all cooling and chilled water system requirements.

Our ability to provide a total system solution and turnkey packages while maintaining control over the project from start through to final completion ensures that the air compressor installation system is correct from design to commissioning.

Teseo aluminium pipework is rated up to 15 Bar for compressed air, or higher in certain applications. It is also suitable for vacuum and liquid distribution. Teseo is quicker to install than traditional pipework systems thanks to its modular design, Teseo connects using simple Allen key clamps and double ‘O’ ring seals to ensure that the new system is ‘leak free’.

Modifications after installation are also simple and quick, with hot tap kits available for connection even when the system is still under full working pressure.

Whatever your compressed air pipework requirements Direct Air and Pipework can design, supply and install a high performance modular aluminium pipework air system that is both cost effective and an ideal solution for your business.

Nationwide compressor maintenance for Royal Mail

Direct Air service and maintain compressed air systems at 29 Royal Mail sites up and down the UK. The compressed air is used to power flat sorting machines which work similarly to the conveyor belts and picking machines used in the distribution industry. At the Royal Mail sites, these compressors must run 24/7 to feed the high demand of mail sorting and if any were to breakdown it would be costly for the company. Therefore it is vital that Royal Mail have platinum level service contracts in order to prevent the worst from happening before it occurs.

Read more about how Direct Air look after Royal Mail equipment:

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