Rotary Screw Air Compressor

The rotary screw air compressor is probably the most common type of air compressor today. A male and a female screw move towards each other while the volume between them and the housing decreases. The pressure ratio of a screw is dependent on the length and profile of the screw and of the form of the discharge port. The quietest style of air compressor, the maximum pressure achievable from a screw air compressor is 13 bar (188psi). Direct Air & Pipework are distributors of both CompAir and Boge screw air compressors and can offer both oil lubricated or oil free machines.

Vane Air Compressor

A Vane air compressor is driven at very low speed and is favoured for its outstanding reliability. The rotor rotates within a cylindrical stator and is the only continually moving part. The rotor is offset and uses centrifugal force to extend the vanes from their slots forming compression cells. Oil is used to lubricate and seal the cells as they decrease in volume, compressing the air. Direct Air & Pipework supply the popular and reliable Hydrovane air compressor in a range from 1.1kW to 75kW.

Piston Air Compressor

One of the earliest compressor designs, the versatility of the piston compressor allows it to change from compressing both air and gases with very few alterations. Piston compressors are normally quite loud and through multi staging can reach incredibly high pressures for applications such as breathing air.

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