I have a dryer installed, so why do I get water in my air lines?

The most common cause of water in air lines generates from either a faulty or inadequate air dryer. Direct Air have extensive knowledge and experience with refrigerant, desiccant and membrane dryers and have specialist refrigerant engineers who can diagnose and quickly repair a range of common issues.

How do I dispose of condensate from my compressed air system legally?

All condensate generated needs to be responsibly disposed as stated in the water industry act of 1991 and the environmental protection regulations of 1991.

Zero loss drains can be installed to remove condensate from your compressed air system and be treated onsite keeping your company compliant with legislation.

What maintenance/servicing options do you provide?

At Direct Air we offer a full range of air compressor and air treatment servicing options to meet your sites requirements. Direct Air provide air compressor service packages ranging from a basic service to comprehensive 24-hour monitoring of your compressor system.

  • Compressor Servicing
  • Dryer Servicing & Repairs
  • Compressed Air Filter Servicing
  • Dewpoint Monitoring
  • Condensate System Servicing

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Are you available 24/7?

Customers with Direct Air service contracts benefit from our 24-hour response team.