The brief

A customer was experiencing pressure related issues at their site which was due to the existing air treatment system being undersized for the systems compressed air demand.

As the system had grown no consideration had been given to the air dryer and filtration sizing resulting in the problems seen.


Our solution

Direct Air recommended a new large capacity Beko refrigerant dryer together with matching filters and a new pipework system. The installation had to be carried out during a very short downtime period and so the dryer and filter assembly was prefabricated off site prior to the agreed date. By rearranging the compressor layout sufficient space was provided for the new equipment with service access not compromised. A new oil water separator was installed with header to replace the old unit in a tidier way.

Major energy savings will be seen for the system due to the reduced pressure drop and the air quality delivered will meet the systems requirements now that the dryer and filtration is correctly sized.