TESEO Pipework Installation on major industrial production line

In what is becoming something of a formality in the company’s order book, Teseo Air Systems have recently been installed on a major industrial production line, preferential on all fronts in a direct comparison against traditional galvanised steel compressed air delivery systems.

Revolvo, the UK’s leading manufacturer of large bearings and Split Roller Bearings, is part of the Eriks group of companies with distributors operating across the world ranging from Western Australia to California. Revolvo’s range of bearings supply the demands of traditional users as well as new industries such as Formula One motorsport. TESEO equipment is central to their operations.

The brief

Based in Dudley, West Midlands, Revolvo had been operating out of a dated plant with compressed air delivered through a galvanised steel system with tees installed at every 3 metres.  The company had been expanding some 30% year on year but, in the words of Paul Sidaway, Revolvo Production Manager, “…we outgrew the old plant. We didn’t have room to expand or the possibility to stay as modern as we aspired to be. We decided we required a new factory.”

The new plant, some 40,000ft 2 in total, comprised a new unit, over £1.5 million of investment in new machinery and required the installation of a complete compressed air delivery system.

Our solution

After analysing the requirements, Direct Air recommended that the system would benefit from the installation of the TESEO pipework system.

The TESEO hollow bar system (HBS) and the aluminium profile (AP) products feature aluminium extruded piping which has an external rectangular section with tee slots and a fine, smooth internal bore. A wide selection of angle and straight joints, quick clamping pieces and connectors make the TESEO system totally flexible in layout design and quick to install. The speed and ease of accurate installation reduces labour time and skills to make the TESEO system an attractive technical and economic choice for modern compressed air and fluid delivery.

Allan Dolby, Managing Director of Direct Air commented:

“We demonstrated that the TESEO modular pipe system would provide for a very flexible installation without the need to install tees and, as an added extra, the rigidity of the TESEO system enabled all of the electrical services to be supported off the drops that were installed to each machine. This simplified the system installation and provided for a very effective and tidy solution to provide compressed air and electric to each machine that was transferred across from the old site.”

Installation was carried out over a period of weeks but thanks to the design and benefits of the TESEO live drilling facility, production could continue unabated throughout the transfer period with no production lost as a consequence.

Following the completed installation, Paul Sidaway commented:

“The system looks nice, was easy to install and the add-on of the electrical supply carriage was a real plus. We have some 40-50 drops off the main ring to individual machines as well as assembly line hand tools and blowers to remove swarf. Since installation we’ve had no problems whatsoever.”

Lighter than traditional galvanised steel airlines to install and handle the TESEO lines are also more energy efficient due to the high flow rates of a smooth profiled aluminium tube (typically 30% higher than steel) which equates to a lower pressure drop and overall energy savings from day one.

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