Telford Yarns, a division of Brintons Carpets, is on track to make energy savings of up to £7,000 per year following the installation of a BOGE compressor system including a heat recovery package. In addition, the introduction of the Climate Change Levy, means that the company qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowances on several elements of the system.

Established in 1783, Brintons Carpets is the largest producer of woven carpets in the world with manufacturing plants in Kidderminster in the UK as well as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Portugal and India.

The Brief

Telford Yarns supplies Brintons’ facilities throughout the world and, as the largest yarn manufacturing plant in the Northern hemisphere, uses 18% of the total British wool clip.

Telford Yarns relies on compressed air to run yarn-twisting machines which with three shifts are in operation for 24 hours a day. The quality of air is critical as it is in direct contact with the finished product. Also crucial is consistent air pressure, although the actual demand varies depending on how many of the eight twisting machines are in operation.

Our solution

To meet these demands BOGE distributor, Direct Air & Pipework, has installed a BOGE SDF60 frequency controlled compressor as a replacement for an existing system. This machine is able to supply between 60 and 240 cfm dependant on demand. With an integral refrigerant dryer, it also meets the requirements for clean, dry air.

In addition to matching air delivery to demand through the use of a variable speed drive, Telford Yarns also makes significant energy savings through a BOGE duo-therm heat recovery system.

In phase one, the warm air expelled from the compressor package is used for combustion purposes in a gas-fired dryer. As air cannot be taken from inside the factory due to the presence of wool fibres, it was previously taken from the exterior of the building. In winter this meant very low temperatures which had negative effects on the efficiency of the combustion process.

In phase two, process water for washing yarn is pre-heated in a heat exchanger with the hot oil from the compressor. This provides an obvious saving on the existing gas heater system.

The calculated energy savings of the BOGE system was £7,000 per year (2001) and, since the system was installed, Telford Yarns is on course to achieve this. The introduction of the Climate Change Levy under which industry faces a 10% increase in energy costs was the major factor behind Telford Yarn’s decision to re-examine its compressed air supply for potential savings.

Peter Newell, Group Technology Site Services Engineer for Brintons Carpets commented:

“The BOGE system offered the best all round package in terms of energy efficiency and flexibility. A big advantage is the fact that it is a complete package with an integral refrigerant dryer and a frequency inverter. This saves space and simplifies installation and maintenance.

“We knew what we wanted and Direct Air guided us through the best way to achieve it – the result is a tailor made heat recovery system that meets all our needs. We have a good working relationship with Direct Air, always finding them to be reliable and competitive. The system is working tremendously.”

Direct Air’s projections regarding energy savings are so far proving to be correct and the customer is extremely happy with the system. In fact, the forecast for heat recovery for the hot water has been exact and a rise of six degrees has been achieved as predicted.

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