Updating galvanised pipework to Teseo

Spirax Sarco provides products, services and training resources to build and maintain companies’ steam or industrial fluid plant. When Spirax Sarco decided to roll out a new compressed air pipework system during a major building relocation and renovation project it looked to Teseo UK for the solution.

Tom Hewlett, Project Manager at Spirax Sarco, said

“We had previously relied on an old galvanised compressed air pipework system for all our factories’ maintenance and engineering processes. We knew we needed to replace this with a new system that was more state-of-the-art, flexible, easy to install and modify and capable of delivering higher flow rates. As we began the relocation and renovation work we considered this to be an ideal time to look at a replacing our old compressed air pipework system.

Direct Air pointed out that TESEO’s range was particularly lightweight, easy to install and modify, and that all joints were sealed by double ‘O’ rings, meaning the pipework was able to handle considerably higher flow rates than steel pipe work of an equivalent size. Direct Air also drew our attention to the fact that the TESEO modular system was more aesthetically appealing than most other pipework systems.”

Spirax Sarco now has TESEO compressed air pipework installed across all of its maintenance & engineering and research & development (R&D) facilities. Spirax Sarco uses compressed air to power various types of machinery – including manufacturing and engineering plant, test rigs and handguns – at around 8-bar pressure. The company also uses smaller bore TESEO pipework for the flow of Argon welding gas.

Hewlett pointed out that ‘live hot tapping’ was another of the major benefits offered by the TESEO system:

“As part of the relocation project we were moving machines in dribs and drabs, and the TESEO box section design allowed us to ‘T’ into the pipe while it still had compressed air inside,

The fact that we didn’t need to completely drain the machines’ pipework made the project’s completion a lot quicker and more straightforward because we didn’t have to turn all the compressed air off as we were bringing the machines into the factory.”

Hewlett added that another advantage of the TESEO system is that the system is corrosion resistant, and that its double ‘O’ ring seals and mechanically secure joints substantially reduce the risk of air leaks.

“And even if there is any future issue concerning leaks we can get to the source of the problem easily, and quickly fix it due to the TESEO system’s flexible modular design, with no welding or screw connections like you find on galvanised pipework.”

Hewlett also pointed out that the smoothness of the internal surface of both the aluminium pipework and the hollow bar system facilitates low air flow friction and improves flow rate. He added that the TESEO system also comes complete with a full ten-year warranty.

“We now benefit from a standardised compressed air pipework system that is easy on the eye, able to deliver higher pressure air flows safely and efficiently with minimal risk of air leaks, simple to maintain and easy to modify as and when required”

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