New building for increasing demand for cider

Thatchers have been making cider for over 100 years and as the world around them has changed so have their production lines. The increase in demand for Thatchers quality cider products prompted the Jubilee building project.

The Jubilee building, so named in celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee, allowed Thatchers to double their fermentation process and increase production from 52 million litres of cider a year to over 100 million litres.

Direct Air & Pipework were awarded the contract to supply a compressed air system for the new Jubilee building which would contain the entire kegging facility, additional bottling line and a new state of the art canning line to allow further growth in the supermarket sector.

Neil Day, Operations Director at Thatchers commented:

“The development of the Jubilee Building is a major step in Thatchers growth, and it has been important for us to work with companies who provide a first class service and help us achieve our goals. Direct Air and Pipework have been able to install a compressed air system which allows us to work towards our energy efficiency targets.”


Our solution

Direct Air provided a BOGE SLF 51 air compressor and downstream equipment to handle the varying demands of the sites processes while remaining as energy efficient as possible. The BOGE SLF 51 air compressor has a specially designed airend which provides high output volumes at low energy consumption allowing for reliable and energy efficient compressed air supply.

A tighter/reduced system pressure virtually eliminates off load running, which in turn reduces start-up current peaks, that contributes to potential energy savings of up to 40%.

Incorporating sustainable features to limit the environmental impact was important in the design of the Jubilee Building. Thatchers aim to reduce their reliance on non renewable energy sources and introduce sustainable measures throughout the production process wherever possible and have installed high performance insulation, natural ventilation for cooling, large windows for maximum natural light and a biomass boiler to provide heating.

Direct Air Area General Manager, Tim McGill spoke about the project:

“We are very proud to be associated with a company like Thatchers. The BOGE compressor and downstream equipment in the Jubilee building are all very energy efficient and will allow Thatchers to produce compressed air economically from day one.”

”We work with lots of companies in the food and beverage industry supplying, installing and servicing compressed air equipment and nitrogen generators. We are excited to be able to look after the compressed air for Thatchers Cider and help them with their expansion.”

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