Direct Air Support Lilley’s Cider from Mobile Air Supply to Installed Compressed Air Solution

Lilley’s Cider is a Somerset based company producing award winning English ciders and perries, established in 2007 by father and son duo, Chris and Marc Lilley. They previously provided catering services but after organising several cider festivals, the duo soon realised their enthusiastic passion for cider was growing – and the same goes for their company ever since, with them currently working their way up to nearly 50 employees! Lilley’s Cider works nationwide delivering all over the UK, distributing wholesale and exporting.

Lilley’s Cider mainly use their compressed air system within the pressurising tanks, as well as bottling and packaging points in their production before beverages are sent to customers. These processes involve a lot of pneumatic movement, with key pistons and valves that now require near to constant air supply throughout the working day.


The Brief

With business growing so dramatically, the mobile compressor they previously used simply couldn’t withhold their new compressed air requirements anymore…and that’s when they contacted Direct Air! Lilley’s Cider required a compressed air system with increased capacity, downstream equipment and a high quality service contract.


Our Solution

Following a site visit from Tim McGill, Direct Air’s General Area Manager to assess the company’s requirements, we supplied and installed a CompAir L11 Compressor, a Beko RA 110 Dryer and Sterling Separation CS 75. Alongside another CompAir L11 Compressor, purchased for standby purposes.

Once this system was installed and commissioned, Lilley’s Cider were able to discard the mobile compressor they were originally using, as their new solution catered for their productions increasing air demands.

As Lilley’s Cider had never had a compressed air system of their own installed before this one, they’d also never had a service provider for the equipment. Therefore, Direct Air proposed the company with a Gold service contract, which they’ve had renewed every year since the installment.

So what’s next for Lilley’s Cider? Well as this solution has now been installed on their site for over 3 years now, they’re looking to get their second standby CompAir L11 Compressor installed and up and running, to accommodate for their cider filtering system and the entire production systems growing demand for compressed air.

They’re also taking potential energy reduction options into consideration by enquiring with us regarding a leak detection survey and furthermore, repairing the leaks found. This has the potential to save the company large amounts in energy and subsequently, costs, both now and long term.


Chris Lilley, Co-Founder of Lilley’s Cider commented:

“Direct Air are an extremely efficient company who are always on target in contacting us regarding service visits to ensure we never miss a single one. They’ve always been a professional company from the beginning who supply a good service and provide official quotes every time. We have never used another provider and we definitely won’t be leaving in a hurry!”

Tim McGill, General Area Manager at Direct Air commented:

“We’ve got a great relationship with this family run business and our South West based engineers always get a warm welcome when attending their site to complete work. We’re proud to be Lilley’s Cider’s first and only ever compressed air service provider – and we intend to continue providing high quality service to keep it that way!”