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CompAir U110 Compressor

The U110 compressor belongs to the innovative Ultima range of compressors and is 100% oil and silicone free.

The unique design utilises a low pressure and high pressure dry screw airend – each airend is individually driven by a variable speed, permanent magnet synchronous motor, offering exceptional levels of efficiency versus traditional oil-free technology.

The design of Ultima combines the ultimate performance with the ultimate efficiency, and still delivers a footprint 37% smaller than a conventional two-stage oil-free compressor.

CompAir‘s U110 compressor is extremely quiet with a noise level of only 64dB(A). This is a great benefit for customers who want to use compressors at point of use, eliminating the need for complicated and expensive pipework and even further maximising efficiency.

Ultima is the first air-cooled, oil-free air compressor on the market, capable of utilising heat recovery for process water heating. The Ultima technology can operate in either air-cooled or water-cooled mode or a combination of both concurrently.

By utilising the superior design of the closed loop water system, Ultima requires no air for internal cooling. Ultima processes cooling air within the compressor and utilising a heat exchanger, cools the internal air, then recirculates it via the base frame around the compressor. This also ensures that no dust or particulate can enter the inside of the compressor. As a result, installation is made easy with no requirement for ducting, compressor rooms can be kept to the minimum size, noise levels are greatly reduced and machines can be easily installed at point of use.

The Delcos XXL control system ensures reliable operation and protects your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters, essential for reducing your running costs.


PureCARE is a specially designed service plan for the CompAir oil-free product range to ensure uninterrupted and uncontaminated compressed air. Each PureCARE service plan is tailored to your specific application and includes CompAir genuine spare parts.

Power (kW)


Capacity (m3/min)

6.7 - 18.2

7.7 - 16.3





Oil Free



Noise (dB)

64 - 65

Low Noise Level

ISO 8573-1 Class Zero

iConn Enabled

Air & Water Cooled

iConn – intelligent monitoring

Do you want to monitor the performance of your compressor? How about with 24/7 capabilities?

Not only does iConn keep you one step ahead by predicting potential issues before they happen, saving you time and expense, but the easy-to-use and install system also shows you how to optimise production and increase energy efficiency

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