Midlands UK supplier and authorised distributor of the CompAir L02 air compressor range

CompAir L02 Compressor

The CompAir L02 Air Compressors user-friendly design means they are ready for plug & play operation and perfect for smaller applications.
Direct stop/start control ensures that the compressor only runs when there is a demand for air.

With noise levels as low as 63 dB(A), you can reduce installation costs with the CompAir L02 Air Compressor by being able to locate the compressor near to personnel or equipment without health and safety issues.

The simple design of the L02 Air Compressor minimises the number of moving parts and as a result reliability is increased and maintenance costs reduced. Compressor maintenance is made easy by the removable side doors providing you with quick and easy access to all service points.

Based on the individual customer requirements the compressors can be combined with different options to provide everything from a stand alone compressor to the complete airstation.

Power (kW)


Capacity (m3/min)








Noise (dB)


Low Noise Level

Easy to Maintain

Small Footprint

Vertical Design