Midlands UK supplier and authorised distributor of the Hydrovane HV01 air compressor range

Hydrovane HV01 Compressor

Hydrovane HV01 compressors are versatile, powerful and reliable with low noise levels when in operation, so they can be installed right alongside your equipment.

The HV01 models are small and compact, making the compressors ideally suited for light industrial and workshop applications, where the compressed air outlet needs to be close to the point of use.

Hydrovane compressors are very easy to maintain, delivering quick, cost effective compressor servicing and as little downtime as possible.

Hydrovane compressed air is clean, dry and pulse free straight from the outlet, with no receiver required as standard. Oil carry over from the HV01 is typically less than 3 ppm.

With noise levels as low as 62 dB(A), you can reduce installation costs with the Hydrovane HV01 Air Compressor by being able to locate the compressor near to personnel or equipment without health and safety issues.

Power (kW)


Capacity (m3/min)








Noise (dB)


Low Noise and Vibration Levels

Direct drive

Slow speed

Easy to Maintain

Made in the UK