Midlands UK supplier and authorised distributor of the Hydrovane HR07RS air compressor range

Hydrovane HR07RS Compressor

The Hydrovane HR07E-RS boasts energy saving features, including highest efficiency IE3 motor fitted as standard and REVS reduced energy venting system allowing for lower off-load power consumption.

HV07E-RS compressors are able to match your sites air demand thanks to the inverter drive. Speeding up and slowing down compression quicker and smoother than before so you can maintain production as usual whilst saving money on reduced energy costs.

A direct drive ‘spider’ coupling means there are no belts or gears resulting in no transfer losses.

Hydrovane HR compressors are the most efficient air compressors available in a 4-7kW power range with record specific performance figures.

Power (kW)


Capacity (m3/min)

0 - 1.27


6 - 10





Noise (dB)


Low Noise and Vibration Levels

Direct drive

Slow speed

Easy to Maintain

Made in the UK

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