Midlands UK supplier and authorised distributor of the Champion FM3 air compressor range

Champion FM3 Compressor

Champion FM3 air compressors are quiet and environmentally friendly thanks to reduced power consumption from the start/stop mode.

With noise levels as low as 64 dB(A), you can reduce installation costs with the Champion FM3 Air Compressor by being able to locate the compressor near to personnel or equipment without health and safety issues.

Increased reliability combined with reduced piping and connections is made possible by an integrated block acting as air-oil separation and filter. The effectiveness of filtering ensures extremely low levels of residual oil, equal to 3 ppm max. This block houses oil filter, oil separation filter, minimum pressure valve, safety valve, oil thermostat and check valve.

Improved fluid-mechanical efficiency is ensured by a new vertical design suction valve. Intake-air flows through a straight-line path, which guarantees lower load loss. ON / OFF operation and unloading is controlled via a solenoid valve. This valve concept has been specially designed to keep the number of components to a minimum, so as to ensure long-lasting durability and low maintenance requirements.

Easy to maintain

Champion FM3 compressors are designed to ensure easy access to maintenance points. All cabinet panels can be easily removed to allow full access and the limited number of moving parts reduces service costs.

Power (kW)


Capacity (m3/min)








Noise (dB)


Low Noise Level

Easy to Maintain

Small Footprint

Environmentally Friendly