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Champion FM22 Compressor

The design of the Champion FM22 range offers one of the most compact air compressors in the market. It also has low noise levels allowing installation at the point of use.

The Champion FM22 airend is designed with focus on reliability and efficiency. The rotors are accurate and thoroughly checked and measured by a computerised control system. It also features an integrated air – oil separator and oil filter which offers a very compact design and improved maintenance

Based on individual requirements, the Champion FM22 can be provided as just a stand-alone compressor to the complete package with dryer and tank.

New controller

The C-PRO 2.0 controller ensures reliable operation and protects your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters.

Easy to maintain

Champion FM22 compressors are designed to ensure easy access to maintenance points. All cabinet panels can be easily removed to allow full access and the limited number of moving parts reduces service costs.

Champion Extended Warranty

Th FM22 can be covered by the Champion Extended 5 Year Warranty, demonstrating Champion’s total commitment to quality and worry-free ownership.

Variable speed option

The FM22 is also available in a variable speed model. The FM22RS compressor has the same great features but can achieve greater energy savings by accurately matching your compressed air demand.

Power (kW)


Capacity (m3/min)














Noise (dB)


Reduced Maintenance

High Efficient Motor

Low Running Costs

Air cooled

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